List of Services

EAP Preferred
Phoenix, AZ

Fast, No Pressure Proposal
Employee Assistance Program & Work-Life Services List of Included and Optional Services

Clinical Intake, Evaluation and Brief Therapy

  • Crisis intervention and emergency referral, 24 hours/7 days, live
  • National telephone [non-emergency] intake and appointment scheduling, Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Arizona time, live
  • National telephone consultation and assistance for employees and dependents, Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Arizona time, live
  • Coordination with medical plan for continued care beyond EAP sessions
  • Coordination with community services for continued care when medical benefits are unavailable
  • All services are confidential and HIPAA compliant
  • Face-to-face short term counseling [50 minute sessions] with licensed clinicians near where employees and dependents work or live
  • Proposal includes up to [Determined by the Client, 5 or 6 sessions recommended] sessions per problem [*] per person per year, renewable each contract year; California and Nevada residents, programs are up to three [3] visits per six [6] months

[*] “Per problem, etc.” – defined in general terms; relationship, work, family, substance abuse, emotional, or similar problems. Once the contracted number of sessions has been used for a particular problem, sessions will not be available for that problem until 12 months have elapsed. However, sessions for other problems will be available during the year. Only the contracted number of sessions will be authorized per problem regardless of the number of family members participating in counseling.

Service Access

  • EAP Preferred has a preferred provider network for face-to-face care across Arizona, the United States and internationally [currently, 38,000; 30,000 in the United States; 1,200 in Arizona]
  • EAP Preferred can promptly add clinical providers to expand its network; providers must meet industry credentialing standards
  • EAP Preferred maintains its own clinics and staff therapists in greater Phoenix
  • All clinicians are trained and experienced in EAP issues, licensed in the state in which they practice, and fully insured
  • All services are scheduled – regardless of the location of the caller – through one toll free telephone number

Awareness and Promotion for Employees and Dependents

  • Template for program announcement letter to be sent to employee’s homes by the Client
  • Templates for EAP communication materials emailed by EAP Preferred to the Client for download and printing; base fee includes templates – color & graphics – for brochure, wallet card and poster
  • Monthly EAP posters emailed by EAP Preferred to the Client for distribution in the worksite and to employees and dependents
  • Quarterly newsmagazine emailed by EAP Preferred to the Client for distribution to employees and dependents

Support for Supervisors

  • Unlimited telephonic consultation on employee and worksite issues, Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Arizona time, live [afterhours assistance for emergencies is provided by clinicians]
  • Template for EAP Supervisor Training Guide emailed to the client for download and printing; base fee includes templates – color & graphics – for Supervisor Guide

Supervisory Referrals – Workplace Issues or Substance Abuse

  • Unlimited formal and informal referrals
  • Telephone consultation with supervisors, Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Arizona time, live
  • Formal referrals; the supervisor completes and faxes referral documents to EAP Preferred [simple forms are on our website,, under tab, “Managers/Supervisors, Referral Forms”]
  • Therapists provide face-to-face clinical assessment of the employee and follow up EAP sessions
  • EAP Preferred reports outcome of formal supervisory referrals to the supervisor [per the Release of Information signed by the employee]

Administrative Services

  • Consult and develop EAP policies and procedures with the Client
  • Consult and assist the Client on organizational development & program benefit recommendations to the Client
  • Detailed quarterly reports on utilization, demographics, trends, and recommendations [submitted by email]

Websites, and Telephonic/Live Chat Support

  • Unlimited access to two websites each contract year:
    • EAP Preferred, this site offers significant practical work and life advice for employees, families and employers;
    • Our Work-Life Services for help with issues for which employees and dependents rarely have professional help - legal, financial, elder care, child care, housing, education, personal services, and many more; resources are web based, telephonic consultation or Live Chat. Legal component includes 30 minute free local consultation with an attorney, as well as 25% discount from attorney fees

Optional Services, Fees per Client Situation [refer to Underwriting Data Form]

  • Printed copies of employee communication materials [delivered to one location]:
    • Employee EAP information brochures with wallet cards, 1 per employee, plus 10% overprint for Client use
    • Worksite posters, reasonable quantity as determined by the Client
    • EAP Preferred standard design, English language, distribution by the Client
  • Printed copies of Supervisor Training Guides [delivered to one location]:
    • One [1] copy of the Training Guide for each supervisor, plus 10% overprint for the Client; distribution by the Client
  • Onsite Employee Orientation/Supervisor Training
  • Onsite Critical Incident Response [CISD]
  • Onsite Health & Benefit Fairs
  • Wellness services
  • Other services as specified by the Client