Supervisors - Management Referrals

Management Referrals: Based on your workplace policies, you may be able to initiate a management referral as part of your company's conduct processes. Be sure to check with your human resources department and with EAP Preferred before initiating a management referral, as our consultants can assist with identifying when a management referral is appropriate and can make certain you have all the updated and required paperwork.

Required Forms: Updated documents for management referrals are provided below. You will note that there are two different forms provided; one for management referral related to conduct and one related to substance abuse. It is important that the forms are completed and signatures are obtained by identified parties where indicated.
You may download the forms or have them faxed or emailed to you. The forms are in PDF format.
Management Referral Packet - Conduct
Management Referral Packet - Substance Abuse