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EAP Preferred is an Arizona employee assistance firm serving over 550,000 people worldwide. We are the largest privately owned EAP in Arizona with 29 years of continuous service; some customers have relied on us for 15 years.

You would recognize our customers. They are leaders in fields like higher education, transportation, cities and towns, school districts, law firms, automotive, community and social service agencies, utilities, hospitals, and state and county agencies. We care for them like we do their employees and families.

EAP Preferred provides excellent clinical assistance. And long ago we added Work-Life Services to help with problems that often overwhelm people; those problems include legal, financial, identity theft, elder and child care, housing, education, personal services, and a host of other needs. EAP Preferred also offers Wellness, custom program tools, and soon, Absence Management.

Please let us demonstrate to you why so many quality customers come to and stay with EAP Preferred.

While we welcome formal Requests for Proposals [RFPs], we can expedite proposals through our Fast, No Pressure system. Please open the tabs above for a Proposal Request form and a List of EAP Services

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